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    Hi there,

    I'm currently in the woes of setting up a new ISPC3 machine as a demo for a potential customer. As the last version I was intimate with is an old ISPC2 version, there are quite a few things new but none that surprising. Overall a great job progressing from v2.

    What I'm currently having is a bit of "cleanup" task as the client as am I is a good sysadmin. So there are a few warnings/errors, I wanted to ask if we can get rid off. Most confusing one is the apache-virtualhost-one.

    Every restart, Apache is complaining about no NameVirtualHost for *. As there are a few demo domains setup, that shouldn't be the case. But as the lines for the NVHs are loaded inside the 000-ispconfig.conf file, I assume it is something of a loading order problem?

    Another thought is: you configure your server under "System/Server Config" and enter its IP address. Why binding those domains to * if you have a clear indicator to where Apache will be listening at (the IP in config)?

    And third one is: with the ability to enter IP Adresses, why not moving that part there, so after installing, the system IP is inserted there as "default IP" for all clients/resellers and only if you add more IPs (and bind them to users or not) are more options available?

    Personally I would find the last option most appealing, as that would get rid off the slightly confusing IPv4 field in the website creation/editing field. Nothing (or *) is not quite easy for a customer to understand as to when there's an IP preselected (with no other option), he isn't suspecting something is wrong.

    Perhaps you can clear things up a bit, those aren't meant as complaints as rather feedback on improvement :)

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    Hmm no comments on that? Maybe wrong subforum?

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