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    I've set up a Server on Ubuntu 9.10 following 'the perfect guide' with ISPconfig3.
    I want to use the server as a router with dual-wan for the internal network, but also as a web server for our and potentially other companies (with mail and all other cool things ISPconfig does easily).

    my network config is:
    eth0 and eth1 WAN interfaces with external IPs
    eth2 LAN interface

    I am sort of new to linux, but after a week i've been able to:

    1. make the server to work as a rooter for the internal net with fail-over if either connections fail.
    2. I've set up our website with DNS and all things related, and it works ok as far as i can see. We haven't changed the DNS to point to the new server, but as i test it using this server as gateway and primary dns, it works ok.
    3. I've set up FTP and also enabled anonymous ftp access (i do know that all websites will point to the same ftp and see the same anonymous login... )
    4. I've set up a shorewall firewall and a dhcp sever for the inner network.

    I'd say i'm getting the hang of linux for the noob stuff...

    One thing i don't understand though:
    Can i use MyDNS to work as a DNS server for the internal network?
    e.g. i will set my DNS server for the computers in the local net to point to (my server) and the server would serve requests for and forward requests for and the kind to
    my ISP domain servers.

    If i cannot do that, can i install some other server like bind to my local interface without having problems with ISPconfig?

    I don't know how i missed this thread... i've been searching for 2 days...

    dnsmasq does the job quite well for those interested
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