Ispconfig with Ha cluster

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Erik Damber, May 6, 2020.

  1. Erik Damber

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    We have a setup that looks like this:
    2 webservers (Ubuntu 18, apache2, gluster)
    2 db servers (mariadb, galera)
    2 haproxy servers
    1 VIP

    Using ISPconfig for our sites and GlusterFS for files and Galera for DB.

    Question is we have setup web-01 and web-02 in ISPConfig and specified that web-02 is a mirror of web-01. Creating a new site works fine and it goes in on both servers. When we close web-01 we get Error 503 on the website we are testing with. The one thing that is a bit special here is that we are only using Gluster for our files folder the actual php site is just in /var/www. files folder is symlinked to gluster.

    Any ideas what to do here? Haproxy seems to be working. I feel it's something with our ISPconfig setup that is wrong.
  2. Erik Damber

    Erik Damber Member

    Solved this, was PHP-FPM that couldn't start because of a website that had been removed incorretly. Removed conf file in pool.d folder and it works.
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