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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Johan_Boshoff, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Johan_Boshoff

    Johan_Boshoff New Member

    I have been working with ISPConfig for quite a while now and I really do love it alot! There is just a few VERY important features it cannot do and if those features are included, this will be the best ISP management program ever!

    Features wanted:

    1. Integrate with Free Radius so that when you add a new customer or reseller you can click on Site Management as well as Dialup Management where you can add, edit, disable and manage the Dial-Ups of Free Radius. Obviously one must be able to select the type of Dial-Up, (56K, ISDN, ADSL, etc) with the Cap limit if required. When users log into ISPConfig to manage their sites and domains they must also be able to see their stats of downloads and uploads. When they get close to their Cap limit ISPConfig must send out a warning email to these users so that they can ask the ISP to either increase their limit or to be capped and disconnected until the end of the month.

    2. Automatic Mailing list feature every time a new Customer adds an email address. Mailing list must have different options like the Admin must have a mailing list of all resellers as well as all customers. Resellers must have a mailing list of all their customers so that one can easily send out an email of say a new feature that is available or a special, etc.

    3. Search functionality must get developed so that you can search on username and/or email address or alias as well as Name and Surname. When you have a lot of users on one domain and your customers are a bit stupid and don't even know their email address or username it will be very handy to search on Name and Surname.

    4. Reseller Domain Sharing - It will also be very nice if you can select if a domain is a shared domain for other resellers to use. Say the main domain is and a reseller wants to be a branch and his clients will be using email addresses, they must also be able to add and delete users on that domain belonging to that specific reseller. IE the branch can't see another branch's users even though it is on the same domain.

    5. User Management - As in the above Reseller Domain Sharing their will obviously be a lot (thousands or even millions) of users which is also clients (customers) which needs to be billed seperately from the site itself. It will be very handy if you can set the domain as a shared domain with seperate customers so that you can enter the customer details and invoice them seperately from the rest.

    6. Email Management - Will it be possible to change the alias option so that yoiu can enter any email address of another domain on the system so that it can drop in the same mailbox. It is quite a mission to add the email address on the other domain to forward to another email address. It would be nice to have a list of all the email accounts on one primary mailbox to manage and invoice properly.

    7. Customizable setup - Can't we get a way to make the ISPConfig installation a bit more customizable regarding the ISP's name and the logo and colours, etc. Something like a theme management where one can change all the colours, etc.

    8. Web FTP - Can't we change the FTP part of ISPConfig so that more than one file can get uploaded at one time? That would save a lot of time.

    9. Automated reseller and user subscription so that a new customer or reseller can apply for an account but the account is disabled until the administrator enable the account.

    10. Support ticket for resellers so that their clients or customer can log calls with them and not just the administrator of the system.

    I think that is all for now. I think I will add some more new features wanted as I get the ideas...

    Please let me know of any progress on the above and which features are already planned to become available in the next release.
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Thanks for the suggestions. We'll try to integrate as much as possible into ISPConfig 3. :)
  3. NZLamb

    NZLamb New Member

    Just to back up Johan; I'd also love to see some good FreeRADIUS support in ISPConfig.

    Keep up the good work! :)
  4. Endymion

    Endymion New Member

    This gets my vote, too.

    Any ISP management tool without User AAA is only doing half the job.

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