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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by andonisvoug, Apr 21, 2008.

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    First of all let me tell you that it might not be an ISPConfig problem, but have tried everything and still can't figure out whats wrong.
    I have an ISPConfig server which runs fine behind several modems i have tried.
    Now i have given myself a new Cisco 877-K9 modem-router and wanted to setup my static IP's that i got from my ISP.
    There is two ways to do it:
    1) You can give the Lan one of the Ip's and configure it as Gateway and use the rest for the servers behind.

    2) you can map the Global IP's with the internal Ip's, (this is a Cisco feature).

    To me it sounds like the second solution is the best cause you are saving 1-2 static ip's as well.
    Here is the Problem:
    When i use the first solution all the servers inside show up correct from outside (including several web sites)
    When i use the second option (which i think is the correct one) i can only
    get the default ISPConfig Web page (the one you get initially when you first install ISPConfig and no web sites are configured).
    Anyone has any idea on what is going on.

    P.s Firewall in Cisco is turned off
  2. till

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    If you get the shared IP page, then the comination of domain and IP address in the site settings doe not match. If you use a router with NAT, the the IP of the website has to be the internal IP. Otherwise the IP of the site has to be the external IP.

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