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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by maxcodbla, Nov 19, 2013.

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    I just want to have query if there anyone who able to configure an ISPConfig with multiple users in a single domain, not subdomain.

    If for example my domain is then my users can have different Alias name (referring to Apache) or somewhat like a uniform naming convention. Let assume I have 3 users namely: user1, user2 and user3. They have their own website which an be access in

    In which users have access to SSH and FTP/SFTP/SCP and to their specifc folders via virtual directory in web server and it is jailrooted too.

    I used to configure it smoothly using Apache, Mysql (virtual users) and Jailroot. But I don't have script or php that will automate it and it is very tiresome coz it has lots of steps to work with before you run it smoothly. I want that ISPCOnfig style that you click and it do the rest. That's why I am posting here for a help if there are any? Thanks.:)

    Ambot Lang

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