ISPConfig Version: 3.2.7p1 Let's encrypt certificate creation

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    First of all please forgive my confusion i was away from ispconfig for couple of years and might forgot how things works.
    Couple days ago installed ISPConfig Version: 3.2.7p1 on ubuntu 20.04 everything works well, on previous versions i was using this tutorial to create let's encrypt certificates for my websites, as you know n the manual it says "This guide is not compatible with ISPConfig 3.2 and newer as ISPConfig 3.2 and newer versions have Let's encrypt for all services builtin. The Let's encrypt SSL cert gets configured automatically during installation, so there is no need to configure Let's encrypt for any service manually anymore." and i thought "Oh amazing", so i did Sites->My web site->Checked SSL & Let's encrypt SSL checkboxes, waited for applying changes to complete, after that when i control the SSL tab it was empty and both checkboxes where unchecked again.
    Should i create SSL certificate manually from ssh to make it work ? I couldn't find a manual how to create let's encrypt certificate on latest version, should i follow old instructions ? Sorry again.
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    this fixed the problem "System -> Server config -> -> Web. - Skip Letsencrypt check" many thanks.

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