ispconfig version 2.2.23 and exceeded quota

Discussion in 'General' started by buhler, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. buhler

    buhler Member

    I have a mistake in the quota system.
    If I enable the quota base of my site and I enable the quota of the e-mail have mistake of exceeded quota.
    <[email protected]> (expanded from
    <[email protected]>): can't create user output file. Command
    output: procmail: Couldn't read "/var/www/web11/user/solange/.custom.rc"
    postdrop: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/709510.9757: Disk
    quota exceeded procmail: Couldn't create or rename temp file
    postdrop: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/712951.9757: Disk
    quota exceeded postdrop: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file
    maildrop/717626.9757: Disk quota exceeded

    Not even I manage to do uploading of files through ftp.

    I have to leave -1 in the quota base and -1 in the e-mail quota.
    I have two partitions in the system. / and swap (/ dev/sda1 and / dev/sda2).
    This mistake began after migrating of the version 2.2.21 for 2.2.23.
    Some idea why this happens.
    Thank you for any answer.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The error just means that the quota for the user or site (group) is full, set the quota to a higher value to solve this. To check the current quota status, use the command:

    repquota -avug

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