ispconfig updates realtime?

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by bobpit, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. bobpit

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    Ispconfig screens are updated realtime, or at least do they display the most current information when you first visit them? Or do I have to logout/login to have latest info?

    I think it is the later of the 3.

    I go to Monitor -> Server Load. It reports "Number of users : 0". I login to the server with ssh. I run UPTIME, it shows 1 user (me). ispconfig would only show the correct value AFTER I exited and logged it again.
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  2. sjau

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    good question... I never wondered myself because I only login to ISPC if I need to add/alter something or if there's a problem :)
  3. till

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    You dont have to logout / login again, this has no influence on the info that you see. Changes get writen to disk once a minute. If you like to see which jobs have not been processed yet, then take a look at the jobqueue in the ispconfig monitor.

    Monitor data gets updated once every 5 can see on each monitor page, when the data that you see has been updated. Updating in realtime wont work in a multiserver system where you may have ten or a hunderd servers in one controlpanel. Additionally, the interface runs under a non priviliged user, so it wont even be able to show system info that requires root permissions to show it in realtime.

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