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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fisherofer, May 6, 2010.

  1. fisherofer

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    i need help to configure ispconfig
    in my early days i chenged few settings and now my sites are under folders with names like

    my settings are

    Website path: /var/www/clients/[website_domain]/web[website_id]

    Website symlinks : /var/www/[website_domain]/:/var/www/clients/[website_domain]/web[website_id]

    please help me to fix the settings
    and if its ok to ask i need to know about chmod in /var/www( and what is related to ispconfig ) should it be 644 or different ?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    What do you mean with fix the settings, do you like to know what the defaults are?


    website path: /var/www/clients/client[client_id]/web[website_id]
    website symlinks: /var/www/[website_domain]/:/var/www/clients/client[client_id]/[website_domain]/
    Please be aware that these settings might not be changed on a running system as this might destroy all sites that were created before this change. I've never tested how the system reacts when you change the bath path, it might be that the old sites get simply recreated in the new destination and the content of them might get lost. So better do not change this setting.

    In general I think that using [website_domain] is not a good idea as you will get in problems when you change the domain of a website. Most cms and blog systems like wordpress store that path in their database. So if you create a wordpress blog under the domain and want to change it to when the site goes live, you will destroy the path and wordpress will stop working. Thats why ispconfig uses ID's which never change and then add symlinks to the "id" folders for easy shell navigation.

    This depends on the security level that you selected.

    Medium: 755
    High: 751

    The subdirectories have different permissions. For details you might want to take a look in the apache plugin starting from line 488. Security Level 20 = high.
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  3. fisherofer

    fisherofer Member

    many thanks
    i changes the settings few times and its ok the system dont change nothing only when you create new sites
  4. till

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    Ok. Good to know that.

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