ISPConfig service not installed

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rinu, Jan 26, 2014.

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    What you do to logon, what commands you use?

    If your server is located on an data center use: https://[public IP]:[ISPC Port] (like: https://123.456.789.1:8080)

    If your server is on your own LAN, use the internal IP of the server like for to connect.

    Also be carefull about the Port for ISPConfig if you use to run the server on your LAN, many Modem Routers using the Port 8080 for remote administration and if you could not change that port in Modem Router, you'll have to change the Port for ISPConfig, example to 8090.
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    I did go to [my IP]:[my port]. Firefox just says it can not connect to it.

    I chose port 9000 since I have another server at 8080.

    The problem is the ISPConfig server is not running. How do I start it up?
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    I accidentally found the problem. Apache was only including .conf files and the ispconfig vhost file was ignored. Listening to ISPConfig port was in that .vhost file.

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