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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mplugge, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. mplugge

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    I have a working ispconfig server, now i want a second server that can connect to the first server. I used the manual on my dabian server.

    Now i want that when i make a new site on the two servers the dns record are made so i can use the servers as name servers for the new domain.

    I hope somwone undersand the question :) an can help me.


  2. matey

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    usually there is a bind folder under /etc (in your dns server) and "zones" files which you can edit and put the name of a machine along with its IP in there and then restart bind or bind9 again so the name gets recognized.
    so if I understand correctly you have to edit zones.xxxxx file where the xxxxx is the name of domain (or may be localhost)?
  3. id10t

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    You can set the second one up as a slave, so it pulls records from the primary master. Or you can manually do it (just use dns manager in ispconfig), or you can use a cron job and a passwordless ssh key to copy the zone files, etc. to the second box.

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