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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by James A, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. James A

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    I've just installed roundcube alongside ISPConfig using Using RoundCube Webmail With ISPConfig 3 On Debian Wheezy (Apache2).

    The issue is the version of roundcube installed from apt-get install roundcube roundcube-plugins roundcube-plugins-extra is really old (0.7.2 I think). So I then need to upgrade which looks to be either following a post at the bottom:

    # Backports repository
    deb wheezy-backports main contrib non-free
    Then run to install Roundcube 0.9.5
    aptitude update
    aptitude -t wheezy-backports install roundcube roundcube-plugins roundcube-plugins-extra

    or following another guide, Upgrade Roundcube On Squeeze From 0.7.2 To 0.9.5

    This brings me to a few question:
    1) Which of the two versions above is better / safer solution? One clearly is more dependent on others doing the hard work for you.
    2) are there any issues using backports and why wouldn't the original install have the updated release?
    3) Am I better off simply installing roundcube directly into a webmail folder under /var/www/ as upgrading is then relatively simple?

    Many thanks for your comments and apologies if I am being extremely naive with anything I'm asking above.

  2. sjau

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  3. James A

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    Hi Sjau

    That was what I meant by my question 3. ie download it and install it directly into a folder under /var/www/. In my mind this does make it easy/risk free to upgrade as you can even create a new folder and database manually to test your new version on.

    I guess I came across the other method referred to in the first guide and assumed this was a more correct way to install roundcube alongside ISPConfig, hence I followed it.

    Is there any advantage or downside doing it one way or the other?

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