ISPConfig+RoundCube 0.95 problem!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by emanuelebruno, Jan 7, 2014.

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    [SOLVED] ISPConfig+RoundCube 0.95 problem!

    I use Ispconfig + Ubuntu 12.04 + RoundCube 0.95. Before, I used RoundCube 0.72 and than 0.90 without any problem with "password plugin" and "SMTP identity plugin".

    But now, with 0.95, "Password plugin" doesn't work anymore and SMTP identity plugin fails because it doesn't use the correct SMTP server (I discovered that even if I set a wrong password or wrong destination SMTP server, it sends emails using my SMTP server without authentication; for this reason, these emails are blocked from ISP because they check that I have sent emails from a wrong SMTP server...)

    To better explain the problem: my domain is

    If I have to send email from an external domain that it is ""; so I have to configure "SMTP identity plugin" ;
    roundcube seems to ignore SMTP identity settings because it sends even with a wrong password... if the recipient is another " email user", their SMTP server rejects my email because it is sent from the wrong SMTP server...

    I have sent in another post ( ) a long debug information...

    Who can help me?
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    The solution for "SMTP plugin" is to change the /roundcube/config/ from

    $rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = '';


    $rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = '%h';
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    I had many problems when I have tryed this plugin with my emails account (I discovered that if I set 4096 MB, it gives an error). Do you know that it has been resolved?
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    set what to 4096 MB?

    did you insert a issue request into the tracker on github?
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    No, because in the past I read another problem with ISPConfig plugin in this thread...

    So, do you say that now this plugin works well? It would be a good news!
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    its the first time that i here from that problem, i will need to check and investigate this.

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