ispconfig reseller ftp issues - ispconfig 2.2.25 debian etch

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by alexnz, Sep 24, 2008.

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    hello falko / till.

    im not experience some reseller ftp issues with 2.2.25, im on debian etch,

    currently resellers on their domains, cant see the "Ftp Access" tickbox on their sites, (it was there on my 2.2.14 version of ispconfig i was running),

    What happens is when the reseller updates user configs or anything, and the config is written out, it saves "/dev/null" into the shell path inside /etc/passwd for their users...

    the admin user can however see the "ftp access" tick box, and i _can_ tick it, but as soon as the reseller updates any information it seems, the tickbox on my admin user goes, and /etc/passwd is written incorrectly?

    is this a bug? shouldnt the reseller be able to give or not give ftp access? this has beeen working perfectly until i upgraded to 2.2.25, ive also check his hosting plans, they all looked fine, ive even created another reseller use to see if its account, but even the new user cant see the "ftp access" tick box:

    here are some screenshots of what im seeing:

    this is whats on my admin login: As you can see i have the ftp access button for my resellers website


    however on his account, he cant see this tickbox, and as i said above when he saves information it unticks this box, and save /dev/null data into /etc/passwd:


    also on his hosting plans, he CAN see "ftp access" very strange:


    can you provide any help? should i roll back a few versions?
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  3. alexnz

    alexnz New Member

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    Not sure what happened, but I'd simply try to install the 2.2.25 update again.

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