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    IspConfig Remoting

    Giving a step by step instruction on how I got remoting framework to work. My plan was to provide a low cost plan for hosting. My site is at low cost plans.

    I have 2 servers, a test server (debian etch 4) and a production server (fedora core 6) both servers are running ispconfig 2.2.25

    1. Reload isp with the xml change,
    a. Unpack ispconfig, tar xvfz ISPConfig*.tar.gz
    b. Change directory, cd install_ispconfig
    c. Edit compile_aps/compile, vi compile_aps/compile (or by using a text editor) and change the following line from;​
    d. The re run setup, ./setup​

    2. Install package (ISPConfig 2.2.24 or higher required.).
    a. Download Remoting extension 4.2 Beta
    b. Install the remoting extension in ISPConfig with the update manager.
    c. Add a new remoting user in your ISPConfig.
    The remoting extension adds a new item in Tools > Remoting > User.
    d. I added username and password, left the ip-address blank and checked all the relevant boxes.​

    3. I made changes to the test.php file. I also write some of the data to a database, haven't included sql scripts. You will need to make changes to the code below to include your relevant settings.

    4.Like to thank Till, Falko and Grandpagenocide for there posts about the remoting framework.

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    Just one side node, the XML change is not nescessary anymore since ISPConfig 2.2.26.

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