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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by impulser91, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. impulser91

    impulser91 New Member

    Hello everyone, this is probably going to be a lengthy read and i thank you in advance for your time. Any advice or help is much appreciated.

    The problem: apache does not seem to catch img or directory requests for a virtual server. I have ISPconfig setup with the site, and i verified it does exist in apache. The index page loads properly, but anything that is in sub folder of the root of this virtual server automatically get sent to the default server.

    The Default Server ANY IP ANY PORT ANY SERVER NAME: Its for the proxmox interface

    The Virtual Server IP X.X.X.239 PORT 80 SERVERNAME DOMAINNAME#1:

    So when i go to domainname#1
    the index.php loads, but all the images on the page do not as they are in /var/www/DOMAINNAME#1/web/images
    I cannot even access the error page located in the sub directory of /web/errors/

    I checked the apache error log and it appears when it tries to load anything out of document root it is actually looking in /usr/share/pve-manager
    So when its looking for an image file from the images folder it is generating an error of File Not Found /usr/share/pve-manager/images/img1.jpg

    I am sure you will need to see some configs or something. Or maybe someone will just know what the problem is. I have a very light knowledge of apache, just enough to turn it on really. And google is not helping me much at this point.

    And to be clear, that pve-manager directory is the root for the web interface of proxmox. it came pre installed and configured like that on the server.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    And system details
    Debian 5 64bit
    ISPconfig 3
    Proxmox 1.6 (i think)
    Webmin (works fine oddly)
    phpmyadmin (works fine oddly)
  2. Antennipasi

    Antennipasi ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Looks like you have installed ISPConfig in Proxmox Hardware Node. It will never work like that.

    In Proxmox you are supposed to create Virtual Server and install ISPConfig to it.
  3. impulser91

    impulser91 New Member

    Sorry i dont quite understand your post.

    I was given the box from OVH with Proxmox preinstalled.
    I use proxmox just to run a windows xp vm.

    When the box was given to me, apache already was setup with the Default Server so that the Proxmox web interface would work.

    I then installed ISPconfig into the host server Debian.

    Am i doing something wrong here?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    A proxmox system is not made to install other software on the host except of proxmox. If you install ispconfig on the host too, then you have 3 confilicting admin applications on the same system: Webmin, proxmox and ISPConfig. And these conflicts will cause that some services wont work properly. So the best solution is to create a new VM as Antennipasi mentioned and install a webserver incl. ispconfig into that VM.
  5. impulser91

    impulser91 New Member

    Oh my, well that really does make sence :p

    Thanks alot for your guys help. I will setup a debian system in proxmox and see how it goes.
  6. ressel

    ressel Member

    Im using proxmox too, and if you are able to get another public ip, you can easy setup a virtual machine in proxmox (like your windows machine) and use it for ispconfig.

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