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Discussion in 'General' started by Hbod, Mar 7, 2018.

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    when I save some custom email filters inside the ispconfig backend, I receive a ton of red warning alerts in my log as my "filters" are treaded as malicious. It looks like it did not affect the saving but the log.

    [INTERFACE]: PHP IDS Alert.Total impact: 27<br/> Affected tags: xss, csrf, id, rfe, sqli, lfi<br/> <br/> Variable: POST.custom_mailfilter | Value:

    As I tried a lot and saved like 40 times, I had 40 entries. Should't custom mailfilter we excluded from those checks?

    require [&quot;fileinto&quot;, &quot;regex&quot;]; if header :contains &quot;subject&quot; [&quot;Rechnung&quot;, &quot;Receipt&quot;, &quot;Beleg&quot;, &quot;Invoice&quot;, &quot;Quittung&quot;] { fileinto &quot;2018&quot;; redirect
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    Yes, we might have to exclude that if it causes too many issues in that form part. You can set the score in security_settings.ini to a higher value so that the IDS does not get triggered.
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    It would probably be good to collect verifiably legitimate use that trips the IDS and add those fields to the ids whitelist, so people can leave the IDS enabled. I created a merge request to include a few I've seen on our system.

    @Hbod, run
    grep POST.custom_mailfilter /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/temp/ids.log | sort -u
    to get the user level ('user' and/or 'admin') and file path, and put that info here or in
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