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    Hi all

    1/ anybody has experience with ISPConfig + ProFTPD + mod_digest add-on?
    ( The mod_digest is an add-on module for ProFTPD which offers several hash 
    functions which can be used to verify the file integrity. The module
    implements the following features: XCRC, XMD5, XSHA1 and XSHA256.)
    2/ my friend compile ProFTPD with mod_digest in ISPConfig 2 for me a 2 years ago. Everything was ok, but now it don't work. I do not know exactly when it stopped work. Maybe ISPConfig restart or something like this broke it, but I dont know about anything....
    When I run ProFTPD in debugmode with:
    proftpd -nd6
    then I try call XSHA1 feture from my FTP client and I get these error (XSHA1 function is supported, ProFTPD it send to FTP client when session start)
    ProFTPD terminating (signal 11)
    FTP session closed
    This error code is a little hard to track, some info is there:
    Any idea how track this problem? Maybe compile ProFTPD with this???
    ./configure --enable-devel=stacktrace ...
    But Im not a LINUX guru and Im a little afraid I will break whole ProFTPD or ISPConfig :)

    1/ Is there SAFE WAY how backup old ProFTPD and all settings?

    2/ Can anybody tell me how I can compile new version ProFTPD + mod_digest and ALL other necessary mods or settings which is important for ISPConfig?

    3/ Maybe is good to know that I still have original source dir from which my friend compiled ProFTPD 2 years ago, but I dont know if he was use some command line settings

    4/ or is there another known plugin for hash? My FTP client (TotalCommander) know this methods XSHA1, XMD5, MD5, XCRC

    5/ any other idea? What I need? I need compare two dir via FTP without downlading all data.


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