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    I've read just about every file I could read regarding email rules with ISPConfig, but it still can't get it to work.

    I focus'd on this file:

    I seem to remember this working last time I tried this installation, but I don't know what I did back then.

    Basically I have a number of Yahoo Group and forum email that I want sorted into individual folders that I created on the server.

    There's a lot of information, so if I miss something please ask.

    First, I created a .personalrules.rc file that looks like this
    ## Begin Recipes
    ## Recipies must have reverse to match reversed words
    # Primus Micron
    * ^Subject: .*Primus.*Micron.*
    ${HOME}/Maildir/.BGT\ Specific\.Primus\ Micron/
    # Patagonia Down Jacket
    * ^Subject: .*Patagonia.*Jacket.*
    ${HOME}/Maildir/.BGT\ Specific\.Patagonia\ Down\ Jacket/
    * ^Subject: .*Jacket.*Patagonia.*
    ${HOME}/Maildir/.BGT\ Specific\.Patagonia\ Down\ Jacket/
    # Big Agnes Lost Ranger
    * ^Subject: .*Lost.*Ranger.*
    ${HOME}/Maildir/.BGT\ Specific\.Big\ Agnes\ Lost\ Ranger/
    # Big Agnes Dual Core
    * ^Subject: .*Dual.*Core.*
    ${HOME}/Maildir/.BGT\ Specific\.Big\ Agnes\ Lost\ Ranger/
    # BD Mesa
    * ^Subject: .*Mesa.*
    ${HOME}/Maildir/.BGT\ Specific\.BD\ Mesa/
    There is more, but you get the idea.

    Second, I edited the file /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/procmailrc.master and to look like this
    These rules worked as is without the "${HOME}/Maildir/" on my previous server, but I simply can't figure out what to do next. :(
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    I played with this for 5 hours and finally figured it out.

    Because $MAILDIR was already specified in the .procmailrc in the web# folder, I needed to remove the ${HOME}/Maildir/ from the beginning of the rules.

    Sorry to trouble.

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