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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sevketk, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. sevketk

    sevketk New Member

    I installed ISPconfig. I m trying with outlook or with telnet and with webmail to send a mail. however I can receive mail but can't send why

    When I use to Telnet

    I connect via outlook. when I send mail that outlook ask username and password, again and again.

    when I connect from outlook. I follow tail with mail.log

    this is tail -f mail.varn

    this is my

    this virtualhost table

    this virtual-host-names

    this DNS

    make me a crazy. please help.

    Note: I can send mail same adres
    mail from: [email protected]
    rcpt to: [email protected] etc.
  2. marpada

    marpada New Member

    Check /etc/default/saslauthd or the related file according to your distro

    It's ok you can't send mail from telnet to remote domails because you aren't authenticating. That means that your setup is secure and your server won't be used by spammers ;)
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  3. sevketk

    sevketk New Member

    I opened /etc/default/saslauthd and changed START=no to START=yes;
    and relayhost = line change #relayhost =
    in this wise:
    Outlook stop asking username and password. its good :) thanks alot
    but start new problem. I can send email only myself.
    for example [email protected] --> [email protected] - its ok
    and [email protected] --> [email protected] - its ok
    but [email protected] --> [email protected] - its unsucsesful
    this is mail.log
  4. _X_

    _X_ New Member

    In ISPConfig admin segment:

    Default Ns1:
    Default Ns2:

    Should be valid DNS servers not IPs of your server or something like that.

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