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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by José Miguel, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. José Miguel

    José Miguel New Member

    I am setting up an infrastructure in AWS in which I am using debian 9.6 And the ISPconfig panel to be able to manage each instance more easily:

    Last Thursday I hired an instance t2.micro installed the complete server along with the panel ISPconfig3.1.13 (the latest current version) and it goes like the perfect silk in every way.

    However last Monday I hired a t2.small instance (basically twice the machine) I installed everything exactly the same as in the micro and when I spend a few minutes without using the panel leaving it open in the browser the menu links start to take me to https: // port/# until I reload the web in which I get the acceptance of the self signed cetificate.

    I have tried to reinstall the panel, reinstall the certificate and even reinstall the full server; but nothing remains the same.

    Has this happened to someone?
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  2. nhybgtvfr

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    can't answer your problem with the menu links.
    but is there a reason to run a complete install again? did you terminate the original install?
    if you just wanted it to be a bigger instance you can shut it down, resize it to t2.small, then boot it up again.
    also, if your sticking with the t# instances. try t3 rather than t2. better specs/perfomance, and cheaper than the corresponding t2 instance. same if you look at m4 or m5 instances.
  3. José Miguel

    José Miguel New Member

    No, i have the 2 instances runing at this moment. I was reinstalling the complete instance t2.small to trying to solve the panel problem.
    I dont know why the panel lose the sesion in this instance but in the t2.micro work perfect. is too strange.

    This commet about the aws instances is too interesting. thx a lot

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