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    Hi all,

    as I mentioned before I'm having trouble with a domain (DNS) on the recycle bin. I'm not going to invest more clics on the empty recycle bin. :) I have a felling I messed up the database somehow.

    I'm building a brand new server and I would like to know what steps should I take in order to move client by client from the old server to the new one.

    This will be a slow move and I don't want to take any risks. As I'm not a expert on mysql I'll need all your help.

    Thank you in advanced.

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    Is there a way to backup only the web data (users/pass/datbases/websites) and leave dns information off the backup?

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    I would do it like this:

    1) Install the same ISPConfig version on both servers.
    2) Move all data from the old database to the new database except of the following tables:

    alls tables that start with dns_

    3) Move the config files and system users from /etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow to the new server, not the complete files, just the lines created by ISPConfig.

    4) Move the complete web root directory (/var/www) to the new server.

    You will find additional posts on thsi topic when you search for "move ispconfig" in the forum.

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