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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by chief, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. chief

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    Before launching new install on 7 x real server.. In documentation for setup, there is a tutorial for setting up multi environment , but has old Debian 6 OS. has this info changed in any way? not had much experience in VM's

    I have been thinking of creating a setup like so..
    VM machine for NS1, NS2, Webmailserver - hosted on dual 16core server with 4.5TB space (need info for install and setup)
    Real machine's for Web01, Mail server and control panel (Maybe have the control panel as a VM)
    any advice and setup info would be well needed..
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  2. ahrasis

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    ISPConfig should work fine in vm. I recently finished testing Proxmox VE and I'd say testing and/or running ISPConfig servers in its vm makes my life easier.

    Anyway, for further info with regards to ISPConfig setup, check the followings:
    1. ISPConfig Documentation
    2. Latest Multiserver Setup
  3. nhybgtvfr

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    running any ispconfig service on either vps or physical server should be no problem.
    you state vm machine for ns1, n2, webmailserver - these to be hosted on the same physical host server?
    whilst this will work ok, i wouldn't recommend running ns1 and ns2 on the same physical hardware.
    ideally one of those nameservers would be on a completely different network, in a different geographical location.
    maybe consider making the 2nd nameserver a small vps with a different hosting/datacentre provider. doesn't need to be anything big or expensive.
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  4. chief

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    I have installed Proxmox VE on a server. Pretty nice.
    !!Advice please..!!
    Create a VM for panel, NS1, NS2 (hosted elsewhere), webmail.
    Create a Real server's for web01 and mx1.
    mx2 (backup would also like this as high availability too) as a VM?
    For the hosted VM machine i have used 1 of my static IP's (i have 13 available), not sure of the best practice for that yet..
    Have a Draytek FTTP modem using IP routed subnet connecting to GIG switch which then connects to servers..

    Help & Advice welcome
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Personally, I run all my servers inside of virtual machines for many years now, makes backups way easier and you can e.g. do a snapshot easily before doing larger config changes or a distribution upgrade. So if this would be my systems, then I would put all servers inside virtual machines.
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