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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by adrex9815, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. adrex9815

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    I have a ISPConfig Multi Server setup on debian 8 I mounted like the manual says, but after that I installed roundcube on the webserver following the this tutorial, but I want to configure it so that it uses the mail server for incoming and outgoing mail and not the web server. I tried to configure it but it tells me SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed...

  2. Taleman

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    When I have a separate mail server, I install Roundcube on the mail server.
    But the Tutorial says also remote mail server works. What have you done so far? Have you checked configuration files for typos? Have you read the numerous comments on that Tutorial, maybe your problems are already discussed there?
    You did not say in what situation you get the error "SMTP Error (-1):"
  3. nhybgtvfr

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    I have a multi-server setup, (ubuntu 18.04) with a dedicated mailserver, I have roundcube installed on the mailserver itself, and on every webserver, so what you're trying to do should work ok.
    what I've done is install the roundcube database on the mailserver, and the roundcube debian-db.php file on the webservers direct the MySQL connection to the mailserver's roundcube database, I don't have a local roundcube database on each webserver.
    are the roundcube ispconfig plugins installed on each server? and <path>/roundcube/plugins/ispconfig3_account/config/ is configured with the remote api details?

    also in /etc/roundcube/ (yours might be in /opt/roundcube/ ) I set default_host and smtp_server to 'tls://host.domain.tld'
    smtp_port to 587, smtp_user '%u', smtp_pass '%p'
    and set the plugins array to:

    array("mobile", "archive","zipdownload","jqueryui", "ispconfig3_account", "ispconfig3_autoreply", "ispconfig3_pass", "ispconfig3_spam", "ispconfig3_fetchmail", "ispconfig3_filter", "ispconfig3_forward", "ispconfig3_wblist");

    the first 4 plugins are because I have the melanie_mobile roundcube skin installed as well, you may not need these. you do need all the ispconfig ones though.

    i'm assuming you've got a certificate installed on postfix, if so, is it a self signed certificate? it could be that roundcube connects ok, but can't accept the cert, and doesn't provide a pop-up allowing you to accept it.

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