ISPconfig not creating client dir, which drag problems.

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    [Solved]ISPconfig not creating client dir, which drag problems.

    Hello every one and good morning,
    As my topic says, The ispconfig fail to creating the client[X] folder.
    I cant point the exeac time that this problem started, but I guess the update from centOS 5.5 to 5.6 probebly damage something.

    Tech spec:
    OS: CentOS 5.6 (upgraded thugh yum from 5.5)
    Proccessor: Intel XEON 3450 (x2)
    Ram: 8GB (I dont remember the brand, if its critical I can check that)
    HDD: 2TB WD BE (x2)

    Ive searched that net for an ansewer and couldent find one,
    I will be more the greatful if some 1 can help me...
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    I guess no one know/experienced that problem,
    and im kinda solved this I will explain how...

    First backup ispconfig, and www folder!
    remove the httpd and php packet.
    then change the www folder name to www.1
    remove the ispconfig installtion,
    install Httpd , php and ispconfig in this order.
    restore the ispconfig db (if needed)
    move the content of your www.1 to www
    and its sould be working ....

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