Ispconfig no longer works for backups and logs after a change of date

Discussion in 'General' started by latourfl, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. latourfl

    latourfl New Member

    What happened :
    - A server reboot and server date was in 2023- I had different errors on my sites and I had not seen the date change, so I updated Debian and updated Ispconfig (but without removing anything)
    - After several days I saw that the date was not correct so I change the server date with the correct date of the year.
    What has happened since then :
    - Ispconfig logs are dated 2023, I do not have the last ones displayed
    - Automatic backups of sites no longer work at allI tried to update Ispconfig (with the latest update) with the correct date of the server, but nothing changes, it still does not work.

    I noticed directories and files with the date of 2023 (Debian too)I also tried the command in SSH to run the backup in Ispconfig, but this does not work.

    Would you have an idea of what I could do to make it work properly again?

    thank you in advance
  2. latourfl

    latourfl New Member


    it looks like it's difficult as a problem, so to get around this problem is it possible for me to make a backup of all the parameters of Ispconfig, then install Debian and Ispconfig again, then to import the saved Ispconfig settings?

    (Latest version of Ispconfig with Debian 8)

    thank you in advance
  3. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I'm not sure how the backups determine the date of the last backup offhand, it would either be the file timestamp (easy enough to find/fix with find + touch), or the backup file name (easy enough to rename and test) and/or timestamp in the ispconfig database - for which backing up and restoring the same database won't help you. Try deleting all backups and see if it creates a new one. If not, dig into the ispconfig database and see what's in the web_backup table.
  4. latourfl

    latourfl New Member


    Thank you for your reply.
    With the command line: php /usr/local/ispconfig/server/cron_debug.php (by putting in daily)
    This works perfectly, I indeed check all files that had a good date (2023) and I deleted them. But I have other concerns, there is no logs that also updates in ispconfig, because it exists on the server. I tried to delete the logs in the database but it did not do anything.

    I think I will not have a choice to reinstall all ... unless someone has an idea ..

    thank you very much
  5. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I'd guess there may be a timestamp saved in the database of the last backup then, but I don't know where offhand - @till?
  6. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    if manual backup works, did you check syslog for cron-issues? I mean, does the cron service run?
    a very dirty hack would be traverse over all files and set the file c/m-time to -6 years ...
    afaik there's no code checking for like "latest backup in dbispconfig.mail_backup"
  7. latourfl

    latourfl New Member

    Thank you for your information.
    The cron tasks work correctly (I have various tasks assigned to external sites)

    I admit that I could not do this kind of code to go back 6 years.
    But is there not synonymous worries in the database? Because the display in Ispconfig of the logs is no longer updated.

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