ISPConfig *nix SysAdmin in Austin, TX?

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    I wasn't sure where to post this, and hope it is not viewed in poor form by the board ops - Please let me know if so.

    An ISPConfig-related job posting:

    Our small hosting shop is growing and there is more work than the current team can handle. We are looking to hire a pt. time or freelance SysAdmin to help in running the server farm. We use ISPConfig 2 on *nix platform currently and plan to migrate to ISPConfig 3 once this position is hired. We also have several older non-ISPConfig servers which will need to be migrated and made consistent with the current approach.

    Ideally hoping to find someone in Austin, TX, as there are some on-site tasks in addition to what could be accomplished remotely. The right candidate should have strong proficiency in operating Internet servers and supporting actual users (as opposed to theoretical home lab network) in a commercial hosting environment. Pay will be commensurate with skills/experience.

    If you might be interested and want to learn more, please send me a private message here and I'll follow-up with specifics.

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