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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jasthom69, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I'm just about to install ISPconfig on a fresh install of Perfect Server Fedora 7.
    I've read quite a few posts where the install has not gone to plan and in an attempt of avoiding the same problems I have a few question before the install.

    I have a dynamic IP from my ISP and DynDNS ""

    Following the Perfect Server howto I have added the following to /etc/hosts: server1
    mysqladmin -u root password yourrootsqlpassword
    mysqladmin -h -u root password yourrootsqlpassword

    So if I understand correctly during the install when I'm asked:

    Please enter your MySQL server: localhost
    Please enter your MySQL user: root
    Please enter your MySQL password: yourrootsqlpassword
    Please enter a name for the ISPConfig database: ispconfigdb
    Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web:
    Please enter the host name: server1
    Please enter the domain:
    Please select the protocol (http or https (SSL encryption)) to use to access the ISPConfig system:1

    I would enter to access the ISPconfig control panel.

    Can someone confirm Ive got this right please.

    Kind regards

  2. till

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    Your settings lokk fine.

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