ISPConfig Multiserver setup (Server Specs)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jhonatandiazp, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Hello all,
    I have to re- install all servers again because of some issues that I face with hardware. I have a question about the server requirements, mem, cpu, etc. Before I have for the panel, 2 vcpu with 8gb and 80GB of ram. ns1,ns2, mx1 and mx2 with 2 vcpu, 4gb and 30gb. web01 with 2vcpu, 8GB and 300GB and webmail with 4vcpu, 8gb and 500gb. Now I see that I was making a mistake about mx1 and mx2. Those servers are the mail servers so I need to increase them. for the webmail does 2 vcpu and 4gb, 30GB hdd should be enough for now? I do not have any client yet. and for the web01 what I should do? Where is the databases data been save? Panel?

    I am confuse about what will be the best approach. I have enough hardware to provide. Thanks

    Thank you for the help.
  2. Taleman

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    If this host is running only the ISPConfig panel, that is way overkill. The panel uses very minimal resources. I cpu with 2 GB memory might be OK.
    I run name servers with 1 cpu and 2 GB memory and 20 GB disk. I think it would work with 1 GB memory, unless there are ten thousand zones.
    E-mail server needs heftier resources like you noticed yourself. Depends on how much mail they are to handle. I have e-mail server that runs nothing else, it has 2 CPU and 6 GB memory. It has 240 GB disk, though, which is now 50 % full. Unless your e-mail users do not store their e-mails on the server, you need disk space. If e-mail user has 1 GB limit on mailbox size, you can multiply that by number of e-mail users to estimate disk size.
    Assign 2 or 4 GB memory for each CPU the host has.
    Put 4 GB swap partition on each host.

    The database is stored on the server you choose when creating the database. Makes sense to put it on the web server to reduce network traffic.
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  3. jhonatandiazp

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    Thank you so much. I do really appreciate your help. I am new to this world, trying to learn.

    Of the webserver, what is your recommendation, 1 or 2 servers to start? I am not planning anything crazy for now, just a few websites.

    Thanks again.
  4. Taleman

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    Why two web servers? If you want to practice with two web servers, then by all means.
    I guess you have virtualization software where you create these servers? Why not try it with 2 cpu web server and 4 or 8 GB memory. If that is bad, change the virtual server settings.
    I use Proxmox VE, it is pretty easy to change number of CPU and memory. Changing disk size is a bit harder, and most file systems can only be increased, so making disk smaller does not work.
  5. jhonatandiazp

    jhonatandiazp Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Thanks, I have VMware. I will start with one Webserver.

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