Ispconfig Multiserver setup Nginx Web Server MySql & load balancer

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  1. abintipl

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    I am setting up Ispconfig Multiserver setup with Nginx Web Server , MySql, Load balancer & application server on VPS, each VPS has Punlic IP

    I am going to follow the tutorial

    Before going further, I have some questions on the Prelimiary notes which are given as under;

    host FQDN IP

    Q1. Can I combine Panel & Web01 as one server & install Ngnix instead of apache2?
    Q2. Can I have only one mx1 - mail Server? In this case, I should avoid mirroring steps mentioned for setup MX2 Server
    Q3. Can I avoid ns1, ns2 servers as I can use Web hosting provider name servers?
    Q4. What steps should I follow to add MySql in addition to adding host & hostname.
    Q5. Can I follow steps given to install Load Balancer on MySql VPS =
    wget -O - | sh -s -- --no-mail --no-dns -- use MySql=system (so it should have both MySql & Load Balancer) ?
    Q6. Application server: I just need Node js and npm packages to run my application, can I add Ngnix web server on this

    Please advice

    Thanks & regards,
  2. ahrasis

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    Q1. Sure.
  3. till

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    Not sure what you mean by that. All required steps are described in the tutorial.

    There is no load balancer in the setup.
  4. abintipl

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    Thank you all of you
    I will go ahead with the installation
    Regarding my Q4, I can not see steps to to be followed to build a seperate Database server in the tutorial

    Q5, yes load balancer steps are not there, I meant was to do steps required for load balancer installation ( there are guides on the internet about Load balancer installation

    Thanks and regards
  5. abintipl

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    Further to my last post, First I am installting Control Panel & Web01 on one VPS Server & have followed the instructions as per the tutorial
    Apart from Server 1 = (control panel+Webserver)
    Server 2 = Database
    I have user this command to create Database Server
    wget -O - | sh -s -- --use-nginx --no-dns --no-mail --interactive
    My Main Server is showing server 2 now

    My question now " Is this the correct way to set up DATABASE Server

  6. ahrasis

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    The manual and tutorial (the older ones) should have examples on how to build database servers but you should note that each server still need to have their own database.

    There are tutorials for high availability and/or redundancy that you can refer to with note that you may have server(s) or hardware(s) or software(s) to manage them from within or outside ISPConfig to achieve that.
  7. nhybgtvfr

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    you don't actually state anywhere what you want to load balance.

    if it's database servers, you can't install the load balancer on the mysql vps, it would need to be between the webservers/appservers and the database servers.
    you'd also need to make it master-master replication, or install something like the mysql-nd drivers on every server that connects to these databases, and configure every database connector for read-write splitting, and have standard master-slave mysql replication.
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  8. abintipl

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    Thank you!
    Your reply has cleared my doubts

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