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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Wisdown, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Now i have the manual, and ISPConfig Monitor fo android, asap i get my server up and runing like i desire i will get some clients and buy the billing mode, but now i`m here for report an error i found on the ISPConfig Monitor.

    For reproduce the error:

    I click on my server name
    Then i scroll down
    On ISPConfig Monitor Tab
    I click on
    I choose

    The data is correct, but the name dont change, still show, but with the data fom, just an appareance bug

    Other wierd thing is about the hours, the report dont show my real time, so whats the app works? I mean the Monitor connect on howtoforge and then get an redirect to my server is it?
    My server have the ntp ntpdate installed like the tutorials say to install, on setup i choosed my country (Brazil), the hour inside of the server is correct.

    For last I wanna do an suggestion:

    On monitor tab the app would do an Select on Server Services Table and instead show as offline the services non used, would hide.
    Example in an multiserver setup:

    When i clcik to see my mail server
    I get this:
    Webserver: offline (this one i mean would be hidden)
    Ftpserver: offline (this one i mean would be hidden)
    Smtpserver: online
    Pop3srver: online
    Imapserver: online
    Bindserver: offline (this one i mean would be hidden)
    Mysqlserver: offline (this one i mean would be hidden)
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    The android app is connecting directly to your server, it is not connecting to howtoforge. If the time is wrong, then you have not set the correct time zone in both files on your server.

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