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    Good day
    My company have setup an ISPConfig
    Version: 2.2.23 for our Domain for the past 5 months and each month that goes the Server becomes more & more unstable, but on the beginning of this week someone manage to pass true our Communications Server (PFSESE) causing some issues on our computers (Not Critical) but manage also to access the ISPConfig Server taking out some DB emails
    I'm not an Expert on ISPCONFIG i only work with IPBRICK, Due to all of this i will move all my email to my IPBRICK SERVER (Linux-Debian) but to do that first i need to know how to:

    Backup all the email on the ISPCONFIG SERVER
    Migrate the same to the other Server
    To understand and find the email DB that disappear from some clients

    I try to backup using Filezilla and download the folder /Var but still don't see the data that disappear

  2. falko

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    The mails are not stored in a database. If you're using Maildir, then there's a Maildir containing the user's emails in each user's home directory. If you're using mbox, then you can find the mailboxes in /var/spool/mail.

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