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Discussion in 'General' started by w4rh0und, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. w4rh0und

    w4rh0und New Member

    I have installed ispconfig on a debian 6

    From the admin username i have configured some user limits but are not working at all!

    I have set Max. number of email domains as -1 (also tried as 0), and the other mail options as well to -1, leaving only 1 web domain and 2 ftp users, but on the user CP side i get mail domains 0 to unlimited???

    The restrictions are either not working or are not implemented properly.

    Can anyone point out what i could change to make them work correctly?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The restrictions are implemented and working properly of course.

    A value of -1 is unlimited. So if you set domains to -1, it means that a client can add a unlimited number of domains.

    And you should be aware that tese limuts apply to clients, not to the admin. So if you are logged in as admin, you can override the limits while they get applied if you are logged in as client.

    and you seem to have posted in the wrong forum, ispconfig 2 has no email domains. So I guess you use ispconfig 3 and not 2?
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  3. w4rh0und

    w4rh0und New Member

    then what is the value to apply to the clients??? 0? Tried also that but did not work

    Yes i am using ispconfig3
  4. NdK

    NdK Member


    I'm having a "similar" problem.

    I installed a server w/o mail and DNS (those have to be handled elsewhere, on servers I can't touch).
    Admin panel still presents me w/ icons for the missing services (althought the columns in "Servers" view correctly report "0" dor mail and DNS). But what's worse is that a user with all '0' limits (except max domains, web quota, aliasdomain, ftpusers, webdavusers, maxdbno, maxcrons and traffic quota), sees icons for mail (should be disabled), sites (OK), DNS (should be disabled) and tools (ok).

    PS: unrelated but old "bug": stats are not accessible if a password is not set (and that could be good), but the "internal server error" that results after an auth attempt is really not good...

    I'm using ISPConfig installed yesterday (

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