ISPConfig ipv4 ok (fine !) , how to add ipv6 ?

Discussion in 'General' started by ledufakademy, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. ledufakademy

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    my ispconfig (single setup debian 11) works perfectly (thank to people here), i want to add ipv6 support for my DNS part.
    where must i modify something in order to add ipv6 to the server ?
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  2. ledufakademy

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    is it a stupid or silly question ?
  3. Taleman

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    I at least do not understand your question.
    Does that host have IPv6 connectivity? Can you for example use command ping6 to ping some IPv6 address?
  4. ahrasis

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    I answered it but then deleted my answer because I too thought I did not understand your question.

    Adding ipv6, if it is available for and to your server, is quite straight forward, which is similar to ipv4.

    For server, I normally would search for local ipv6 (run 'ip a' command in cli) and then fix it as static in both hosts and netplan yaml files (debian 11 still uses network file).

    Like ipv4, I would add this ipv6 in hosts file on all servers in multi server setup and allow mysql connection between local servers via ipv6 by adding it to master server.

    However, this may not be necessary because single ip (ipv4 or ipv6) for each server in hosts file is enough for the purpose of internal connection but I would still do it for the sake of completeness.

    To server, i.e. in dns server, I'll add my public ipv6 of the server to its AAAA record, which I believe is also very clear and straight forward.
  5. ledufakademy

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    hum, i see.
    i know that i must add ipv6 setup in my :
    is it right ? (first setup ipv6 with CLI on the server himself)
    But in ISPconfig where must i inform the panel that for DNS query (etc.) ispconfig can answer with ipv6 stack ?
  6. nhybgtvfr

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    you don't. ispconfig doesn't answer dns queries.

    if you have AAAA records configured in your dns zones, then any dns query will return both the A records and AAAA records for any lookup request it receives.
  7. Jesse Norell

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    As said, you don't configure that in ISPConfig. The dns server itself will normally listen on all ip addresses, so as long as you have ipv6 connectivity setup, and firewall rules allow the traffic, your server should be capable of answering dns queries on an ipv6 address. The servers which are queried for a domain are the nameservers used in the domain registration; if those have ipv4 addresses only, they will only be contacted by ipv4, and if you add ipv6 addresses to those nameservers, they will also receive queries on their ipv6 addresses. So you need to both add the AAAA records for those nameservers in DNS, and ensure the ipv6 addrs are added for those nameservers in your registrar (just like you did for the ipv4 addrs).
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  8. ledufakademy

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    ok, so just debian 11 ipv6 stack to configure , then AAAA record in panel, and nothing to do with ispconfig server config (etc.).
    thank you.

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