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    ;) Hello.

    I have three machines with three independent installations of ISPconfig. Everything runs fine on all three without any difficulties. There are no mysql databases, mail to preserve, or any other "user based" information on these machines. On these three machines: only ISPconfig and its preceding requirements are added to a default installation of Ubuntu version 7.04.

    Machine one has all of its preferred ISPconfig settings applied for approximately 145 websites/co-domains/etcetera. This includes but is not limited to: organizational structure visually, client and website specifics, FTP and/or mail user login information, passwords, possible server IP variations, etcetera.

    Machines two and three are "clones". I do not have to move any websites at this time, or backup/transfer any user information which was not entered directly into ISPconfig by me personally. I can add the content of the websites afterwards using the same process I used to add content to machine one (it is my hope that it is easier this way).

    My question is: How do I take the information which I have entered into ISPconfig and export it so I can import into another installation of ISPconfig, namely from machine one to machine two and machine three.

    I purchased 3 identical collections of hardware, constructed them exactly the same, and purchased the ISPconfig install support package for all three to ensure that everything is identical. To complete the final stage of this project I simply need to duplicate my ISPconfig setup information (not data from websites) on the two other machines.

    :confused: Please advise? Thanks.
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