Ispconfig: I Can't send or get mail.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kaanadanali, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. kaanadanali

    kaanadanali New Member

    now i can send but can't receive mails.

    this is the mail.log for a sending attempt to my domain:

    Aug 16 19:37:39 localhost postfix/qmgr[5535]: 0FA623BB28A: from=<[email protected]>, size=2232, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    Aug 16 19:37:44 localhost postfix/smtp[6796]: connect to[]: Connection refused (port 25)
    Aug 16 19:37:44 localhost postfix/smtp[6796]: 0FA623BB28A: to=<[email protected]>, orig_to=<[email protected]>, relay=none, delay=1809, status=deferred (connect to[]: Connection refused) is not my domain. i believe i deleted this domain name from everywhere: /etc/hosts, from the ispconfig, from the networking panel...

    and i reboot after every change, but it's still saying ''

    how can i fix this? it's possible from ispconfig?
    it's not a solution but should i add the records?
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  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    What's in /etc/postfix/ (please strip out the comments), /etc/postfix/local-host-names, and /etc/postfix/virtusertable?
  3. kaanadanali

    kaanadanali New Member

    Thanks very much falco. I fixed it. There were wrong postfix destinations in,local-host-names and virtusertable. The interesting thing i made a search for old domain name in the system. But it returned only

    /var/cache/debconf/configdat and configdat-old

    files containing my old domain name.

    I've fixed them, too. Though I don't know what they are for.

    Now i can receive and send. It's ok. But there are errors for old deleted accounts still trying to contact old domain name. I deleted those accounts from recycle bin, too. I hope there will be no errors anymore.

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