ISPConfig has been inconsistent before power off

Discussion in 'General' started by matiasCU, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Hi Guys:
    I have a BIG problem. One power off to the machine that running ISPConfig did the system start so inconsistent. Some problems are:
    One site was lost from the panel.
    The ssh connection sometimes loses.
    In a site where I installed a webmail, sometimes I get webmail, others an apache error or shared ip banner. Also apache errors detailed version of the product, being that I set the variables ServerTokens Prod and ServerSignature Off.
    While I'm working on the panel, I am suddenly disconnected and sent to the login screen.

    How I restore ISPConfig to stable state?
    Any Idea?
  2. matiasCU

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    Alarm false the problem is solved

    It was on a backup with the same settings (IP, DB, Apache, and other services) and this caused a conflict of addresses and this erratic behavior of the system.

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