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Discussion in 'General' started by Ark74, Oct 16, 2017.

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    I've been trying to setup a domain split configuration with Google Apps as the main mail controller.
    I've seen this post with CPanel and it makes a lot of sense, I'm trying to recreate it on ISPConfig,

    1. root domain ( must have MX records pointing to Google's MX servers;
    2. there must be a subdomain CNAME ( as alias of root domain (, this will be used to deliver mail sent through cPanel or its SMTP;
    3. there must be another subdomain CNAME ( as alias to the cPanel hosting server (in my case, HostGator's server, masked for example purposes);
    4. Google Apps Split Delivery must be correctly configured (Configure split delivery - Google Apps Administrator Help), with the subdomain described in step #3 as the destination (step 7 on this page);
    5. on cPanel, use Local Server as the setting on the MX Records page for the root domain;
    6. on cPanel, set a Domain Forwarder with "from:" and "to:";
    7. on Google Apps, set a default route to change envelope recipient of all mail that corresponds to the REGEXP "\[email protected]" with the "Replace Recipient" setting, set to the "[email protected]" option.

    I'm stuck at Point 5 forward, if i'm running DNS from the test server, I believe that that point is already done... maybe(?)
    On Point 6, should I Alias (Domain alias) or Route (Email Routing) the from =>

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. :)

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