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    I am new to Linux and ISP Config. What is the proper way to configure ftp file transfer with ispconfig? I am using Filezilla. It seems that all files are ftp'ed to ftp incoming folder not the working web folder. When you upload files from the control panel and click on a folder and check the file boxes this does not give you the option to move all items to other folders. Any ideas?
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    You can use FileZilla for this.
    If your document root is /var/www/web1/web, and you're logging in as the admin of the web site, then you'll get to the /var/www/web1 folder. Therefore you must go to the web folder and upload your files to this directory. These files can then be accessed in a browser.
    If your FTP user is not the admin, then you will go to the directory /var/www/web1/user/username. There's also a web folder in that directory which can be accessed as follows:



    (see chapter 2.2.9 on )

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