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Discussion in 'General' started by meomike2000, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. meomike2000

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    Say I have 2 servers with ispconfig installed on them called s1 and s2 and my domain is called I have one static ip address from my isp. that points to a server called Request come in like this: first to then to, and is there a way to get ispconfig to input the info in the named.conf and zone files on or will i have to always modify the named.conf file and the zone files on myself to add new sites and zones. Also I used bind9 on the server dns. Also all systems are running ubuntu server edition 8.04.1. and the 2 ispconf servers s1 and s2 were setup via the perfect server setup from howtoforge.
    As I am still new to dns and ispconf, it helps to see examples with the explanation.
    tia..... mike
  2. meomike2000

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    An Idea that I have.......

    I have thought that maybe I could make my dns master ( the slave for s1 and s2, and that would give the updates to zone files as changed, but I would still have to set up the original zones and zone files on first right. Could still use a little help trying to figure this out.

    tia..... mike
  3. falko

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    That's right.
  4. meomike2000

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    one more question

    That is what I had thought, but what would have to happen if I were to add a new domain like would that get updated as well with this setup or would I have to add the slave zone entry on the slave server? How would that work?

    tia...... Mike

    is there a good dns management software similar to what is inside ispconf that i can install on my dns server.

    Also my setups with ispconfig always erase my reverse zones, where the PTR records are.
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  5. falko

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    You'd have to create the slave zone in named.conf manually (like in the link I posted).

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