ISPConfig DNS Configuration on debian eth

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by leash, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. leash

    leash New Member

    Hi guys...

    I've just purchased a new dedicated server (Debian eth) and have just finished installing ISPConfig with no errors.

    I can login to ISPConfig via username : password

    My ISP Provided me 4 IPs ranging from to 8

    I've added these IP's to ISPConfig at Management > Settings > IP List

    The problem is when I ping I can't reach but I can reach

    And also I wanna host my nameservers on > >

    I think I should expect when I ping I should receive some data right? But when I ping all I receive is "Destination host unreachable"

    Anyone wanna help :)

    Thanks a ton
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You must either enable the additional IP addresses yourself, or, if you want ISPConfig to do it for you, set $go_info["server"]["network_config"] to 1 in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/

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