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    I have in production a redundant system with the interface of Ispconfig 3.1 (master) in its own right, composed of two servers (VM with Debian 9, Apache, Postfix) with email, web, DNS and MariaDB services with Galera cluster (to make odd the MariaDB cluster I have a third installation on the backup server).

    It happened to me that Galera cluster was blocked and required human intervention to restore the situation and this is a big problem because on MariaDB there is also the database of ISPConfig (slave) and therefore the customers are no longer able to download the emails because dovecot queries the database for login credentials.

    So I assumed to install, on each of the two machines with the services, an additional instance of MariaDB, perhaps with Mysql Sandox (now dbdeployer), which only hosts the Ispconfig database (dbispconfig2 / 3) so that it will continue to work if Galera cluster is down.

    Is it possible to run Ispconfig with its database installed on a separate instance of MariaDB?

    What is the best way to install a separate instance of MariaDB for Ispconfig, having Galera cluster on the main instance?

    Thanks a lot
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    Hi Till,
    is not clear my English or ISPCongig has not been tested with a separate instance of MariaDB?

    Thanks a lot
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    Normally, each ISPConfig node has a separate DB instance on localhost and is not using a central MariaDB Cluster. Basically, you can change the database connection details in the ispconfig configuration files to any mysql or mariadb instance that you like to use, as long as ISPConfig can connect to it and finds it database with correct structure there, then it should work
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