ISPConfig corrupts named.conf when DNS is edited

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pierrepont, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. pierrepont

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    According to my very knowledgeable server support guy, ISPConfig corrupts the named.conf file by adding an invalid character to it every time a DNS zone is edited. This of course takes the bind down, making it impossible for the site to resolve properly.

    So this looks like a bug, we've struggled for three weeks (a nightmare!) to find out why the freaking site was not showing. The developer's may want to make a note and check on this.

    Great open source software, although it's convoluted (IMHO) when it comes to DNS settings. Too many settings in non-intuitive places that make configuring DNS a problem. Also, couldn't see manual or tutorial that really covered this. Most of the time I didn't know if the value to be entered was the IP or the nameserver as in "ns1" or whatever. Also, in certain fields it's hard to tell if that should be a domain name or an IP or just a title.
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    I have at the moment 58 sites on one of my servers, and alll with their own DNS zones.

    I'm not having this corrupted named.conf problem with my ISPconfig.
    It must have been some bad entry that was used in the setup of a zone causing your problem.
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  3. falko

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    That's not true. I'm hosting all my DNS zones on ISPConfig servers, and everything's working as expected. Maybe something's wrong with your setup?

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