ISPConfig Conflic With Fedora 9 GDM

Discussion in 'General' started by rhuckle, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. rhuckle

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    Hi all i have installed ispconfig onto fedora 9 following the howto's on this site everything went well

    once i rebooted system it got to the login screen and cpu went to 100% and just wouldnt stop or load the login screen, thus not gaining entry to linux via gui.

    i was able to login via ssh and webmin which i had installed as backup ways for me to gain entry.

    i looked for over 24hrs to find if anyone else was having a problem and had no luck til i found this forums then stubled across 2 threads in relation to ispconfig and fedora 9 gdm

    one thread was stating that i had to remove gdm and use the kde login managed but i thought this should not be the case and nor should i have to do this.

    then from some posts it was stating it wasnt ispconfig causing the issues but it was gdm not compatible with ispconfig etc. (but i always thought you have to make ur programs work with linux not linux work for your programs lol)

    i then was redirected to another thread and it was stating that ispconfig had placed some lines into /etc/shells file so i used webmin file manager to view and access the file mentioned and to my amazment the lines that they were refering to were in the /etc/shells file

    the line to look for in the /etc/shells file is shown below

    /SENDMAIL/ANY/SHELL i had 2 of these in there so i removed them both and saved the file, closed down webmin and ssh rebooted fedora (without removing ispconfig or gdm or gnome, and without installing kde login manager or kde) and once i had restarted the system the gdm now loads perfect without any issues

    so i would think there is a problem with ispconfigs installation scripts, i also do not see the need for the above lines to be in the /etc/shells file.

    Hopefully this thread will help others to trouble shoot there problems if using fedora and gdm with gnome desktop environment.

    please can ispconfig get fixed so users dont need to worry about having to edit the /etc/shells file to remove those lines. ispconfig shouldnt add them to fc9 other distros might need but the install script should be fixed so that if it detects fedora 9 it dosnt add those particular lines and this should fix any issues.

    well it did for me without using the original thread that stated to uninstall gdm and use the kde login manager which i did not wish to do.
  2. colani

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    Thanks for your solution, is was stuck on this one.
    Fedora 11 and IspConfig 2

    /etc/shells one new line /SENDMAIL/ANY/SHELL/ :confused:

    commented out and i was back in. :)

    Still one cpu at 100% :confused:

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