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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ph-tvs, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Today I have installed a server doing everything exacly the howto told me to do. (Perfect Server Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0) With BIND & Courier [ISPConfig 3])

    Some things are working perfect, but the most important thing isnt :-(

    After installation I can access ISPConfig by, also I can connect to webmail by

    Also I can access the FTP and upload things.. works perfect

    But I cant access the website. When Im typing I go to the webmail. I also cant access the server from the internet, not even the ISPConfig or webmail or ftp. I have tried to access the website by Is not working.

    The only thing I want to do is using the server as a test server for testing php scripts and websites.

    Can somene please explain to me what I need to do so I can access my webserver and website (local or by internet)?

    O, Im a noob with this, but you noticed that already I gues ;-)

    Thanks in advance,
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    ISPConfig runs apache (the web server) in a virtual host environment. This means that although on one ip address the server will answer and serve up the appropriate site.

    The good news is webmail is running then apache is up and running.

    What you need to do is tell apache which site to serve up when requesting it through the browser. If you just type iin the ip address you will get the 'it works!' file held in the web root folder.

    When you type the site name into your browser it takes stores this information in the header and then does a DNS lookup to work out which ip address it will find the site.

    So there are two answers, you can create DNS records which you can usually do with your registrar, normally an A record pointing to the ip address of your server.

    Though in your case, where you're using it as a test server you can edit the host file on your computer which, to cut a long story short it will tell the computer to forget the DNS lookup and just use the information in the local host file instead.

    Have a look at this thread to edit the hosts file:

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