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Discussion in 'General' started by larwilliams, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Hi guys,

    This message is directed towards Falko. Thank you and the team for such a good open-source ISP manager. Like some other users, I wish to use it in conjunction with a 3rd party billing/management software program. In this case, Whois.Cart.

    While searching the forums, I stumbled upon a module you wrote back in 2006 for 42GoIspManager that does exactly this. I would respectfully like your permission to port it over to ISPConfig (I know that 42GoIspManager is the commercial version of ISPConfig, therefore this would not be too much trouble).

    I plan to integrate it better with ISPConfig (for example, pulling the hosting plan info from the database, rather than hardcoding it into an array). I know how to enable remoting support in ISPConfig (rebuild PHP with XML support enabled.. in my case, Debian Sarge with compile script edited and libxml2-dev package installed, then installing the plugin).

    I will gladly release any modifications under a BSD (or GPL) license, so that you and others may use them as you please.

    Please advise :)
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Sure, go ahead! :)
  3. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Just a few things:

    1) Since 42goIspManager is a stable release of ISPConfig, I assume the remoting framework objects required also exist in the beta plugin as well.

    2) What would you prefer my changes be done as: GPL or BSD license?

    3) I see that the Whois.Cart "Suspend" and "Unsuspend" functions are being linked to the "traffic exceed" functions in ISPConfig. Am I right?


    - Lawrence
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1) Yes, the remoting plugin beta should work. Please read the instructions that are linked on the remoting beta download page on how to recompile ISPConfig if you want to use it with the remoting plugin.

    2) Please use BSD license, as ISPConfig is released under BSD and not GPL license.
  5. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    any update on this file? just curious as I am anxiously awaiting this plugin as well.
  6. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Hi bud,

    I've been tied up with work recently, and it took a while for whois.cart to process my cc order. Now that I got it, ISPConfig with remoting, and everything installed, I can begin testing and coding.

    Not sure on an ETA just yet.
  7. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    Well if you ever need any help coding/testing, let me know, i am not a master programmer, but I am sure I could be able to help in some way.
  8. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    I may be inclined to take you up on that offer. If I need help, I will be in touch :)
  9. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    Sounds good, I just got whois.cart too, it took me a while to get my hands on it, I had some small glitches with them. I too might be working on a similar platform, until I can get my SOAP/remoting working I am dead in the water, it shouldn't be too hard. I just wish I knew why my remoting isn't working.
  10. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Do you get any sort of error message? May I ask what Linux variant you are using (Novell, Red Hat, Debian, etc)? I was able to get it to work on Debian by simply running "apt-get install libxml2-dev" and editing a file called "compile", finding a line starting with "./configure" and removing all references to "xml".

    After re-running "./setup", the remoting framework appears to be working fine.
  11. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    I am running CentOS (Red Hat), I checked my installation, and that(libxml2-dev) is installed on my machine. I think I had to install it awhile back for something else. are you talking about ./configure , in configuring your php setup? or just the isp config setup where you remove the all the xml references as stated in the howto? If it is php related, maybe you can post a copy of your phpinfo, and i can compare mine? I followed the instructions per the ispconfig remoting readme to no avail.

    I need to figure it out soon, as I am building a new server now, and everything thats on this machine is going to go on the machine, so I will be doing this again essentially.
  12. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    I am talking about the ISPConfig references, as stated in the how-to. Please post the "compile" file that you have in your "install_ispconfig" folder. Also, I assume you installed the Remoting Framework beta 3 plugin and created a user there?
  13. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Here is a sample edit to the PHP building section of "install_ispconfig/compile_aps/compile" that will build PHP with XML support

    ./configure --with-apxs=${INSTALL_ROOT}/httpd/bin/apxs --enable-track-vars --enable-sockets --enable-mbstring=all --with-config-file-path=${INSTALL_ROOT}/php --enable-ftp --prefix=${INSTALL_ROOT}/php ${WITH_OPENSSL} ${WITH_MYSQL} || error "Could not configure PHP"
  14. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Getting the topic back on track, expect a test version either monday or tuesday, depending on how busy I am :)
  15. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    larwilliams, not to clutter this thread I have responded to your questions in another thread I had open maybe you can follow up there for that issue, thanks for your assistance:

    I am looking forward to this test version and actually being able to test it, good luck to you. :)
  16. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member


    Working on it right now actually. I was stumbling for a bit as to how it deals with the hosting plans in ISPConfig being linked with whois.cart, but I think I figured that out (I sent a pm to Falko as he uses the commercial version of ISPConfig and has experience). The plan name has to be identical in both ISPConfig and Whois.Cart() for it to work.

    Not looking as it will be released today, but progress is being made. Thanks again to Falko :)
  17. 3cwired_com

    3cwired_com New Member

    I got my remoting working, btw, larwilliams are you using ssl for your ispconfig, I am curious, and if not, should I consider using the ssl for what I want to do.
  18. larwilliams

    larwilliams New Member

    Good to hear! :) I am not using SSL for ISPConfig, just regular http.

    I am awaiting to hear back from Falko on a few questions regarding his original code for the module, otherwise it's pretty well ready to go.
  19. alexnz

    alexnz New Member

    im looking foward to see a testing release of this

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