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    Hi Guys.

    First post and I would like to start with how great I am finding IspConfig and thanks too.

    So to my question, not sure if there has been a definative answer to this, but here goes.

    I am running IspConfig on a single server with Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64bit. I am planning on purchasing a new server soon to throw into the mix, which will run 4 VM's with another 1 physical machines to take the total to 5 machines. Is there any way to do a full bare metal backup and also nightly backups on both the single server setup and the multi server setup?

    Sorry if this has been asked before.

    P.S: Will there be any problems running the multi server setup on:

    1xHP DL360 G4 - IspConfig/Web
    1xHP DL380 G5 + HP Storage Array - VM's:
    1 - MySQL
    2 - DNS
    1 - Email
    1xHP DL380 G4 - Backups?

    Thank you

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