ISPConfig API - DNS Problem --> Site not working without www

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    Hello dear fellow programmers

    I'm having some issues with the ISPConfig API, the question is really specific and I couldn't find anything with the search function. I hope it's in the right theme, otherwise sorry in advance.

    My webapplication is creating the Domainname and DNS-Entries for a site which is generated by the users input.
    The sites are on a toplevel domain (f.e.: and I can call them without problems if I add the "www" in front.
    Without www in front the site isn't recognized (tested with nslookup).
    A site which I created manually in ISPConfig is working though, that's what's really strange to me!

    My questions:

    Are there different ways to create DNS-Entries with the API? Am I overlooking something?

    Are my settings correct?

    Entries which I have for
    Type Name Data
    A mail IP Server
    A IP Server
    A www IP Server
    MX IP Mailserver
    NS Nameserver

    If you need more information, please ask, I'm not into DNS-stuff that much, so I'm a bit clueless now.
    Thank you so much for helping in advance!

    Best Regards


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