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    After installing ubuntu 9.04 via perfect server setup I was happy to see that might be able to run this in an intranet environment. BUT, I am not able to resolve some questions and cannot contact the right people to help so i will ask the audience.

    During the install of server, the system picked up a dhcp ip. When i tried this with a static IP it didn't work out at the end. If I used a static i could not browse to ISPConfig AP panel but could only get to it if i typed in the IP address then :81.

    For now, i will leave the dhcp IP (which talks to the WAN/Backbone company) as this is all just a test to see if I can even run ispconfig on WAN/LAN.

    So, when I went to the step [vi /etc/network/interfaces] i found that the system picked up this type of info: [myservername]

    We are in AD environment by the way. Well, at this point all is good and at the end of the install of ispconfig i answered this way-
    www: myservername (instead of putting www) backbone.wan.netl (just like i saw it in my /etc/network/interfaces)
    and the installation complete.
    I can http:/ / myservername[dot]backbone[dot]net:81 and get to the ispconfig APC.
    Now, my ns1 and ns2 are listed as as described above.

    Next I went to the DNS tap and created my Master DNS: with the IP of my dhcp assigned ip.

    Next, I created my first user. I created a fake client: happz
    Then I created hosting plans of 10 g and 20 g.
    Next I went to create my 1st site. for www i answered: WWW
    for domain: SITEONE.TEST
    finally result would be www.siteone.test (didn't want to use .com here)

    Note: I did check DNS and DNS MX boxes. This created an entry for the domain in the DNS tabbed section.

    Then I went to my WinXP system in ../../etc/host file and added this which is the dhcp IP my system picked up:

    20.x.x.x [space] www.siteone.test

    At this point, i even rebooted my xp system to make sure the host file took.

    Lastly, went to my browser and typed in www[dot]siteone[dot]test and I only get an error back that there is no DNS.

    So, how can i make ispconfig work with what I've reported here?

    My thought is that DNS doesn't know what .test is but I read that in an intranet environment you could do this if you do one of two things...i decided to do the one which is to add a line in the clients host file.

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    Can you check if your changes to the client hosts file were saved?
    Normally this works without problems, and no restart is needed.
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    The HOST File on my windows xp machine has the information after a reboot.

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